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At AnseLab, we share one simple purpose: to make fashion effortless, understandable & desirable. Whether an individual or a corporate entity, AnseLab will help you to achieve your goal no matter what your objectives are, so let’s enjoy this journey together.  


Professional Expertise

We will begin by discussing your lifestyle, how you dress on a daily basis, and the image you would like to convey because every outfit is an opportunity to express yourself with confidence.

My Philosophy

"Less is more", that's my philosophy. I believe that having the right statement and pieces in your closet is much better than having a lot of clothes to choose from.

Self Awareness

It's all about quality and not quantity, our clothes are part of the impression we leave on others, so we want them to convey the right message about who we are.

Fully Customized

We will establish items that are needed in your wardrobe as well as fabrics and shapes that flatter your figure. 




Ever since my early days of working with my mother in her leathergood business, I have always had an undeniable passion for fashion. After my studies, I decided to leave France to discover the world and traveled for eight years observing a fascinating and amazing world across multiple cultures. Needless to say that “Fashion” was with me along these years and the learnings I experienced during this trip are simply priceless. 

Upon landing in Tokyo, it was LOVE AT THE FIRST SIGHT and I knew that this was going to be my last stop. I instantly fell in love with this unique country and was eager to discover everything about Japan, the culture, the people, the food and of course Fashion which is known across the globe for setting trends not only in the streets, but also in high end fashion.


I had much fun studying Japanese, a fundamental step into my integration, and that helped unveil & understand more about this city and its population. As my Japanese level was progressing, I was able to work for a Japanese company and this was the start of my professional career in Japan! During this first year, I was able to travel across Japan while working and learned a great deal! 


Once settled, I successfully managed the Merchandising and Visual Merchandising departments of numerous European luxurious brands, Nina Ricci,  Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Dior for the Japanese market and most recently oversaw other Asian countries, Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia & Singapore Merchandising for the well-known American brand Coach. 

With over 30 years of experience, traveling from Paris, Milan, New York and Tokyo, I am now excited to begin my next chapter, this is what I want to do, an evidence and a natural step to what gives me pleasure in life. 



Excellence: Strive for quality in everything we do 
Passion for Service: Show love and compassion for the people we serve  
Integrity: Take pride in everything we do & build trust in every situation  
Commitment & Determination:  Keep pursuing our goals especially when experiencing adversity
Open & Honest Communication:  Encourage directness, candor, and diversity so that people and ideas thrive
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